Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the map visual compare to other mapping visuals?
The Power BI Layered Map has functionality not found in any other mapping visual. The layered map visual allows users to show Power BI data as a point layer and add multiple WMS / WFS layers as well. Data inside of Power BI can be joined to features inside a WFS layer to allow for data-driven interaction between Power BI and map layers. Layers can be decorated with multiple labels and images to show additional information. Full control over all map properties (colors, sizes, outlines, labels, images, etc.) is allowed through static or dynamic properties.

2. How is the visual licensed? The product is licensed per office location (IP Address). Each license entitles you to one IP Address. Other licensing arrangements are possible by contacting

3. Are there any known limitations? Some map configurations may require extra memory (RAM) to render properly. Currently, the map visual does not support Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.